11 things everyone on Wall Streeters needs to stop wearing ASAP

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You’ll see this tie soon.

Like any tribe, Wall Street has its own way of dressing, passed down from executives to managing directors, VPs to associates and so on.

It is a (mostly) classic style for a very hierarchical set, and as such it evolves quite slowly. But it does evolve. Sadly some on Wall Street do not evolve with it.

That is why we wrote this list, to make all of you aware of the things that have been left behind in the past, exactly where they belong. To do it, we talked to stylist Jessica Cadmus, of the Wardrobe Whisperer, who regularly cleanses the closets of bankers from coast to coast.

When I edit a wardrobe, I designate three classes of items: those that are still relevant, those on ‘probation’ meaning that they are serviceable but my eye is on them for an imminent upgrade, and those that need to be burned,” she told Business Insider.

“These items [on our list] are from the third class.”

Some of these picks were once staples that have simply gone out of style. Others are simply tired (as in we’re tired of looking at them).

Undoubtedly all of you know someone who has these in their closets. Help them see the light if you can.



We begin with an iconic photo from an iconic movie (Wall Street) to honor the place suspenders had in Wall Street’s past, but also to remind you that it was made in 1987.

It is now about to be 2017. The suspenders look dated now, and you (will) look dated in them.

Pin striped suits

A very simple rule while watching Wolf of Wall Street — never dress like anyone in the movie.


Paisley ties

Paisley ties are for the maitre d’ at an Italian restaurant tourist trap in Little Italy.


Chalk striped shirts

We’re being polite and calling this a “chalk striped shirt” but what this really is is the dreaded, heinous “going out shirt” guys used to wear in the early 2000s rearing its ugly head again.

Throw it away.

Shirts with French cuffs and banker’s collars.

Thankfully, both the French cuff and the banker’s collar are artfully paired here in one awful shirt to illustrate two points in one go.

We’re not sure when exactly either of these styles ventured into the realm of used car salesman territory, but they’re there and there’s no going back. We don’t make the rules, we just beg you to follow them.

So please, burn this shirt.

Wide ties

We shouldn’t have to tell you this but we do. Wide ties are out of style. 

And look, a banker’s collar. How awful.

Bull and Bear cufflinks from Tiffany

Every Wall Street dad will inevitably get this as a gift from one of their less creative kids.

It’s a nice gesture, but put them away somewhere near your kids art projects and wear some more interesting cufflinks.

Ferragamo ties with tiny irritating patterns

Ahh yes, the Ferragamo tie. The tie for guys with no taste in ties. It’s almost as if these ties are given to bankers in their Wall Street starter packet along with a copy of Liar’s Poker and some Friday dress socks.

Stop it.

Repp ties

Unless you’re wearing this because your RA told you too, there’s no reason to wear these. They’re for kids.

Gucci bit loafers

There was a time when the Gucci bit loafer was a symbol of status on Wall Street. No one below, say, a managing director could rock a pair without getting abused.

But that’s not the case anymore. Men’s dress shoe wear has gone for a sleeker, leaner look, and the Gucci bit loafer looks like the Budweiser Clydesdale of shoes. 

Please try to keep up. 

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