12 emerging travel destinations that you have to visit in 2016

12. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

US National Parks hit their centennial in 2016, with celebrations across 409 parks of US territory. The network stretches from the remote South Pacific (American Samoa) to Alaska.

The latter, some of the hardest to reach, are also some of the most breathtaking. Wrangell St-Elias and Glacier Bay boast rainforests, glaciers, mountains and surreptitious bays, with very few visitors.

One accessible way to explore the region is by small ship such as Un-cruise. It whisks visitors on intimate ships into the heart of these frozen frontiers. Glacier Bay is part of a bi-national UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve.

Why Now? Celebrate 100 years of US National Parks in one of the remotest locations on Earth.

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