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This is what the inside of a gun looks like when it’s being fired

For all but the most familiar firearm users and operators, the inner workings of a gun remain a mystery. 

Everyone knows that firearms have a trigger, which when pulled fires a bullet. But between the pulling of the trigger and the bullet leaving the weapon, how does a gun function? 

The YouTube channel C&Rsenal has an ingenious way of explaining how various guns function — with the use of X-ray animations showing what happens as a user pulls the trigger. 

A selection of GIFs made from the channel’s videos, showing some of the historical weapons used in World War I, are below.


A six-round 8mm French Ordnance revolver, fired by a hammer:

Source: YouTube

A three-round 8x50mmR Berthier Mle.16 bolt-action rifle:

Source: YouTube

An eight-round .32 ACP Mauser Model 1914 “Pocket Pistol,” which was striker-fired and had an ejector slide:

Source: YouTube

A five-round 7.92x57mm Mauser Gewehr, which was a stripper-clip-fed bolt-action rifle:

Source: YouTube

An eight-round .32 ACP F.Langenhan Selbstlader pistol, which is hammer-fired:

Source: YouTube

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