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This is the highest skywalk in Malaysia and it is certainly not for the faint-hearted

rainbow-skywalk-penangKomtar is the tallest building in Penang and the sixth tallest building in Malaysia located in the heart of George Town. It is an iconic building and one that is hard to miss.

But since it opened more than three decades ago, only a few luck individuals have ever been to the summit of the building.

That’s about to change: The 68-storey Komtar is now home to the highest skywalk in the country.

The Rainbow Skywalk is a semi-circle glass path that juts several meters out of the building and it is not for those who are afraid of heights.

For those who can shake off that acrophobic dizziness, selfie opportunities are aplenty with little buildings below you as background.

The glass is heat-treated, temper-proofed and laminated; it is the same glass flooring used in the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the US.

Universiti Sains Malaysia, a public university located in Penang, also ran a barrage of vibration, wind and pendulum tests on it.

From the ground, you can see the Rainbow Skywalk if you are standing near the junction of Jalan Penang Road, Jalan Macalister Road and Jalan Datuk Keramat.

The old roof at Komtar used to be a helipad when the monolith was 65 floors. But leisure attractions company OWG decided to add three more floors, did away with the helipad and transformed the roof into an attraction. Smart move.

Rainbow Skywalk will be launched on December 18.